Distorted Tourist | REVIEWS

A musical, textual and visual travelogue.

Sound designer and ambient artist Mark Templeton has announced Distorted Tourist, a new book that collects photos, writing, art and music into one multimedia project on Graphical Recordings.

Distorted Tourist features photos taken by Templeton while driving through commercial industrial areas near his home. Paired with the photos are diary entries written by author Ryan Diduck and musical recordings by Templeton, included on five one-sided Flexidiscs.

“Each photograph captures, mid-fall, the familiar and uncanny spaces of dislocated urban decay — monuments to the failures of modernity,” a statement from the label reads. “Rather than attractions, the tourist here bears witness to the inevitability of moths and rust.”

Distorted Tourist follows Templeton’s 2017 album Gentle Heart, which closed the Canadian musician’s ongoing Heart Trilogy and was included in our Best Of Bandcamp column. -FACT - April 2018

Mark Templeton travels into the mystic with forthcoming Distorted Tourist photobook + flexi package, out this June on GraphicaI

If you think you can count on Canadian sound curator Mark Templeton to deliver the mundane, predictable, straight-forward goods, you would be (thankfully) wrong. This is a man who insists on following his heart into fantastic spheres to create sounds that massage the mind and soothe the ear. This time around, Templeton traveled physically into industrial and commercial neighborhoods close to home for inspiration. The resulting excursions can be seen and heard in his forthcoming Distorted Tourist photobook + flexi disc package.

Past works have come out on labels like AnticipateSilentesStaalplaatSweat Lodge Guru, and Under the Spire; but Distorted Tourist is coming out on Templeton’s own Graphical imprint, which has issued his most recent solo recordings and collaborations, such as his Marshall McLuhan-inspired one with like-minded audio-visual artist Kyle Armstrong.

Distorted Tourist is out on June 20 and is available in two editions: 1. a first-edition of 100 copies includes the softcover, perfect bound photobook on uncoated paper, with five one-sided flexi records and a digital download of the photobook and audio, and 2. the basic version, which includes five one-sided flexi records in a printed, folded uncoated paper sleeve, and a digital download of the photobook and audio. The photobook is a 7.25” x 7.25”, 106-pager that includes 44 color images and text by Ryan Diduck.

Now, make like a good little distorted tourist yourself, and roam over here to check out those images and to pre-order the package when it becomes available. Then, check out a few excerpts and the cover art and tracklisting down below. Good luck out there. -Tiny Mix Tapes - April 2018